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5 bedroom house, Cornwall – Live Data

In-roof solar panels and battery storage by iJo Power.


  • 5 bedroom house
  • Outbuilding
  • Work from home
  • Electric vehicle planned
  • Ground source heat pump

Average monthly bill: £480

“We are a family of 5, with grandparents living in the annexe, so we are a high usage family. Having switched our heating to electric with the installation of a heat pump and with the increase in energy prices, we were starting to look at monthly electricity bills of £800+ and this was even before we moved to an electric vehicle”

Planned project:

10kVA system

31 x 395w JA Solar panels, in-roof system

6 x 2.4KW Pylontech batteries

Total cost: £18,000*

Andrew: “Paul was looking to maximise the panels on his roof and as the outbuilding was getting redeveloped, he was keen to go with an in-roof system, which is more aesthetically pleasing. The system we recommended was over-specified as requested but future proofed the family for the move to electric vehicles.”


Paul: “I am delighted with our system. For 7 months of the year, we won’t have an electricity bill and then a greatly reduced bill for another 2 months. We are still waiting to get on the best tariff, so we can fully benefit from charging the batteries at night at a cheap rate and then discharging them in the day. Once we have managed to get on this tariff with Octopus, I have calculated that our electricity bill will come down by 90%. We have also had the benefit of un-interrupted power; our neighbours complained a few months ago about a power cut but it had no effect on us and we weren’t even aware of it”.

Below is a live feed of Paul’s system, showing what it is pulling from the grid, consumption, battery status and what energy he is able to harvest from the panels.

*Prices exclude VAT – May 2022