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Adding battery storage to existing solar array

A newly installed Vicctron inverter and Pylontech battery storage.

What made you decide to adopt energy storage?

Having already installed a solar array a few years ago I had been looking at various battery options for the past couple of years. The issue had been the long pay back, so I kept delaying. When the electricity prices started to rise rapidly the payback suddenly became much shorter and a battery system became a no-brainer.

What benefits have you seen since your installation?

A substantial reduction in my grid consumption. The first month, albeit June, I used 5kWh from the grid compared with 541kWh the previous year.

What advice would you give anybody thinking about battery storage?

Install them now! I now know that about 70% of what the panels used to generate went to the grid, whereas we now we use most of that.

How did you find working on your project with iJo Power?

I was an early adopter and chose to do a self-install along with a local electrician who was needed to connect everything up to the grid. It took a few hours of reading manuals and getting to grips with the technology but iJo Power were very helpful and walked and talked us through the installation process. As we went ‘live’ iJo remotely logged onto the system and configured it all – it was all fairly straightforward.