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Your questions answered

Here you’ll find a complete list of our most frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, head over to our Ultimate Guide to Solar Battery Storage

Planning your system

Yes – if you have an EV or you’re planning to get one, investing in solar and battery storage allows you to charge your car for free when the sun is shining or charge it at night from your solar battery.

We can plan your system to accommodate the increased power demands of an EV. Forward thinking now allows us to upgrade your system in the future if your requirements change.

Many of our customers tell us that they are considering an EV in the future. Our systems are modular and allow you to increase your capacity as requirements change. When using our solar configurator, you can indicate that you have an EV to factor it into your system design.

Alternatively, you can leave it out of your initial design and arrange a call with one of our experts. We can recommend the best way to future-proof your system.

Yes – if you have a ground source or air source heat pump (or you’re planning to get one in the future), investing in solar and battery storage will allow you to power your heat pump with free, clean electricity.

When you go through our solar configurator, just let us know that you have a heat pump, and we’ll design your system accordingly.

Yes – you can expand your battery capacity in the future. Be aware that there is a limit to the number of batteries we will recommend in your system to ensure you maintain the best value and return on investment.

It’s no problem to install solar panels on a flat roof, provided it is free of asbestos. Currently, our solar configurator doesn’t offer flat roof options, but we can custom-design a mounting system with angled frames to catch more sunlight. Please email [email protected] with your roof measurements, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Once you’ve received our email with your initial estimate and would like to discuss it further, you can arrange to speak with one of our experts via zoom, telephone, or email. They will answer your questions and demonstrate the system to show you how it works.

We can organise one of our recommended installers to visit your property, check your roof measurements, and confirm our system design is suitable. When you have accepted our quote, we will raise an invoice for payment, allocate your stock, and organise a convenient installation date. Following installation, we will configure your system and contact you again within 7 days to ensure it is fully operational.

You can use our cost calculator to design your solar array based on your roof dimensions.

Yes – we can offer a ground-mounted solution if you have space. We currently provide 12-panel and 16-panel mounting options, although these are unavailable through our solar configurator. Instead, please email [email protected] with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a customised quote.

Financing your system

We don’t currently offer finance for residential systems. However, when we calculate the return on investment in your system quote, we indicate an average interest rate which can help you if you’re looking for finance.

If your system is for a commercial project, please email us to talk about your finance options.

We require full payment for the equipment and a deposit for the installation upfront. We will then coordinate with you to deliver the equipment to your property and confirm a start date for your installation. Once your system is fully installed and commissioned, we require your final payment.

Whether or not you pay VAT depends on who buys the equipment. The current rules are:

  • VAT on solar and battery storage for domestic properties is now 0% in Great Britain, provided the person or company purchasing the system is registered for VAT.
  • The VAT exemption applies from now until 31 March 2027, unless the government formally extends or amends the legislation.

Therefore, if you purchase the system directly from us but are not registered for VAT (as most people aren’t), you will have to pay the VAT. However, if you arrange for a VAT-registered installer to purchase the system on your behalf, they can reclaim the VAT and pass the savings on to you.

If you use one of our recommended installers, we will design your system and work with the installer to arrange a site visit before your installation. This way, you can pay for your equipment and installation costs through your installer, allowing you to benefit from the VAT exemption.

If you purchase a system on behalf of a business, you can reclaim the VAT in the usual manner.

Installing your system

Depending on your house type and system size, the installation will generally take 3-5 working days. Once we agree on a suitable start date, we will deliver all your system equipment in advance, ready for the installer to arrive. If you need scaffolding, you can arrange to have this set up before your installation date. During the process, your installer will update you on your system’s progress. Please note that your installation will be weather-dependent, particularly while having solar panels mounted on your roof.

There are two distinct roof mounting systems. Most homes use on-roof mounting, with solar panels sitting above the roof tiles on simple rails and brackets. The other option is in-roof mounting, where panels replace tiles to form an integrated solar roof covering. Both options are similar in price. However, on-roof systems allow for greater airflow around panels, improving efficiency on hot days.

In our opinion, on-roof mounting is best for existing homes, while in-roof mounting can be a great option if you’re building a new home. Flat roofs require a customised on-roof solution.

No – you are free to choose your own installer. We can still design your system and deliver all the components directly to you. If you want to take advantage of the 0% VAT incentive, your installer must be VAT registered. The installer must purchase the equipment on your behalf, and you pay them in turn for the equipment and installation combined.

If you have an electrician who has not worked in solar and battery installation before, we are happy to work with them on your project. If the work is carried out to an exceptional standard, we will consider adding your installer to our nationwide network of installers.

To make life easy for everyone involved, it’s absolutely critical that we only recommend experienced, high-quality solar installers. Therefore, if we recommend someone for your project, you can rest assured they’ve gone through our detailed vetting and quality checks, and we know first-hand that they’re honest, reliable, and work to a very high standard. In addition, we don’t just recommend an installer for you to get in touch with; we manage the relationship and oversee your entire project from start to finish.

For your complete peace of mind, all installers must also send us images of their completed work for our approval.

We have an extensive network of installers in the UK, but there are still a few areas we don’t cover yet. We’re very picky about the installers we work with. We are therefore expanding our network at a sustainable, controlled pace.

If you have an electrician you’ve worked with before, but they haven’t installed a solar and battery system, we’re happy to speak with them and support them through their first installation. If you are happy to vouch for them and their work, we’ll consider adding them to our network of recommended installers.

After my system has been installed

We design and install systems with EPS (Emergency Power Supply) as standard. We therefore recommend maintaining a 20% buffer in your batteries in the event of a power cut.

One of our customers recently commented: “I spoke to my neighbours who were discussing the power cut in our village the previous day, and I had no idea it had even happened!”

To date, we haven’t found a wind turbine that we are comfortable recommending to our domestic customers. If you know of one, we would be interested in trying it out, but we will have to install it and thoroughly test it ourselves before we recommend it to our customers.

Yes – once the installers have completed your system, we’ll conduct a final handover and answer any remaining questions you may have. Additionally, we’ll check in with you a week later to ensure everything is running smoothly and mark your project as complete.

Yes – your quote includes technical support up until a member of our team has remotely configured your system and your final handover is complete. One week after your handover, we will also contact you to ensure you’re happy with the system and everything is running smoothly. At that point, we mark your project as complete, and any additional queries or questions are charged at £125 per hour.


Alternatively, you may prefer to pay for our £30 monthly support package. It gives you access to our support staff, who can prioritise any troubleshooting or technical questions you may have about your system.

We also invite you to join our private customer Facebook group, where you can connect with many of our previous clients who have installed solar and battery systems.