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More time for site visits and paid work with customers who are ready to proceed? Less time marketing your business, sourcing equipment and chasing deliveries? Readily available technical support just a phone call away when you need? Configuration carried out by a remote team?

Just imagine the time you can save on each job when you join the iJo Power network of solar panel and battery storage installers.

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Working together as a team

If you are already a solar installer or if you are a qualified and VAT registered electrician and are keen to extend into renewables, we would love to talk to you.

Our customers are all over the UK and we are looking for reliable installers to provide installation of our iJo Power systems. You may be lacking in experience, but have the willingness to work to the highest standards and hone your craft. We strive for the very best, and expect the same of our installers. We are looking to work with people who share our values:

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Quality

If you consider yourself all of the above, we want to hear from you. It starts with just that; a conversation to make sure that we are the right fit. You can expect us to do a little bit of snooping around to make sure your company is financially sound and we will look at your previous customer testimonials. If you like us and we like you, it might be time to continue the solar and battery revolution together.


Meet some of our preferred installers

Excellence in Electrical

NSN Electrical Ltd logo
NSN Electrical

As a business, it has been fantastic to work with iJo Power - we have formed a great relationship and agreeing our processes has meant that we work effectively and efficiently, with a seemingly endless amount of new projects coming through the door.

Lodge-i-cal Electrical

I have worked with iJo Power for nearly a year now on a number of different projects - large and small. It is a relief not to worry about system design, generating leads and sourcing equipment - the guys do it all for me.

APEC logo
AP Electrical Contractors

We had not worked in this sector previously but it is clearly booming and we wanted to get in on it. Andrew trained us for the first project and was on the other end of the phone for subsequent projects, making sure it was right for the customer. We continue to learn and can't wait to work on more and more projects, now that we have that install knowledge.

Our responsibilities

  • Design bespoke solar and battery storage systems for customers
  • Answer any questions they may have and discuss all of the benefits
  • Help arrange site visits with you and the customer
  • Source the equipment and make sure it is delivered on site ready to go
  • Troubleshoot any issues with the delivery
  • Provide training at the start and support throughout your installations
  • Remotely configure the system to ensure that everything is fully operational for the customer
  • Cover any product warranty claims

Your responsibilities

  • Carry out an initial site visit, to ensure that our system design is correct
  • Provide a quote for installation
  • We expect excellent communication between us and with the customer
  • Take payment and retrospectively apply for 0% VAT (for domestic projects)
  • Provide a quality installation – we expect a picture of your work to ensure that it meets our high standards
  • Work with us to remotely configure the customer’s system
  • Cover any service warranty claims