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Solar mounting structures

VRM Victron energy data display.

iJo Power were recommended to me by a friend who was self installing a much larger system. Immediately the patience and expertise of iJo Power to answer all my design and power questions was apparent. Being a complete novice with no experience, I was guided through the process of power and design considerations with the […]

4 bedroom house, Birmingham

US3000c Pylontech batteries.

What made you decide to adopt energy storage? Increasing energy prices, global warming and a desire to switch to greener energy sources for a sustainable future. What benefits have you seen since installation? I have produced at least 90% of the energy I need. (3.9MWh of Electricity since April 2022). This has reduced my monthly […]

Large commercial system, Surrey

iJo Power commercial solar panels in the sun.

What made you decide to adopt energy storage? We were seeing where energy prices were going and decided to invest in a solar system. The payback from our electricity supplier seemed pointless and so we decided to store excess energy via a battery system. As a business with a normal working day we decided we […]

5 bedroom house, Cornwall – Live Data

In-roof solar panels and battery storage by iJo Power.

Background: 5 bedroom house Outbuilding Work from home Electric vehicle planned Ground source heat pump Average monthly bill: £480 “We are a family of 5, with grandparents living in the annexe, so we are a high usage family. Having switched our heating to electric with the installation of a heat pump and with the increase […]

Adding battery storage to existing solar array

A newly installed Vicctron inverter and Pylontech battery storage.

What made you decide to adopt energy storage? Having already installed a solar array a few years ago I had been looking at various battery options for the past couple of years. The issue had been the long pay back, so I kept delaying. When the electricity prices started to rise rapidly the payback suddenly […]