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About Us Cornwall iJo Power.

Small team. Big heart.

B Corp Certified

Welcome to iJo Power! We’re a team who loves solar energy and we’re pretty good at what we do. We specialize in designing and installing solar panels as well as battery storage systems. But we’re more than just that.

We’re proud to say that we are one of the few companies in the UK to have a B Corp Certification. This means we’re part of a global community that aims to build a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable economy.

Our goal is simple: we want to help people lower their energy bills and be kinder to the environment. We’re located in beautiful Cornwall, and our surroundings inspire us every day to work towards this goal.

So join us on this journey towards a brighter, cleaner future. At iJo Power, we’re excited about what we can achieve together.

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Our directors, Andrew and Sam, believe in doing things right. They value honesty, integrity, and excellence, and these values are at the core of iJo Power.

At iJo Power, we measure our success by how happy our customers are, not by sales numbers. Andrew and Sam put together a small, diverse team who shares their passion for renewable energy and customer satisfaction. Together, we’re working towards a better future.

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Experts in our field

Meet the team

Andrew Shaw is a Director at iJo Power.
Andrew Shaw

Andrew holds BSc Honours Degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as Electronics and Telecommunications, and is a member of the Institute for Engineering and Technology. With over 20 years in industry, installations and testing under BS7671 and BS2390 certification as well as software support and project management for global corporations, Andrew is recognised as one of the leading industry experts in solar and battery storage. With unbounded enthusiasm for innovation, Andrew is continually looking for ways to disrupt and improve the energy industry to enhance outcomes for our customers.

Besides energy revolution and the love of his family (which may or may not be dependent on the speed with which he completes the new house extension), Andrew’s only desire is to spend more time surfing his local Cornish waves.

Sam Taylor is a Director at iJo Power.
Sam Taylor

Sam brings a wealth of business acumen and marketing strategy to the iJo table. Having owned and directed a successful consumer electronics company, Sam moved to a consultancy role, ultimately leading to a meeting with Andrew. Recognising the value of Andrew’s technical expertise, and the benefits of an honest and transparent approach for customers in the often murky world of solar and battery storage, Sam joined Andrew as a founding Director. Sam’s strategy and vision has enabled iJo Power to expand its reach and influence, leading to increased energy independence in many areas of the UK.

Since installation of a considerable solar and battery storage system at Sam’s house, her only concern is the increasingly draconian energy usage directives imposed by husband Paul. We admire your bravery, Paul.

Steve Sparkes is Renewables Manager at iJo Power.
Steve Sparkes
Renewables Manager

Steve holds a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With experience in aviation and global manufacturing, Steve transitioned to a rewarding career in the maths classroom. Steve is equally enthusiastic about creating written content as a good spreadsheet, and underpins both with a broad technical background. He brings an analytical eye to the iJo Power team through ROI calculations and system optimisation, ensuring customers are armed with real world figures and expectations.

Steve is famously frugal, looking to optimise value in all expenditure. This is great news for our customers. Less so for his wife.

Danielle Tucker is Operations Manager at iJo Power.
Danielle Tucker
Operations Manager

Danielle is our actuator. She makes things happen, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that deliveries and installations run smoothly, and with minimal disruption or inconvenience to our customers. Blessed with almost superhuman efficiency and work output, Danielle is the pivotal link between iJo Power and its many partners, from manufacturers and couriers, to installers and end users. With previous project management roles in the construction industry, Danielle is well versed in identifying and relieving potential bottlenecks in order to ensure customers are delighted with their new solar and battery storage systems.

Such is Danielle’s commitment to efficiency and organisation, that she is in the process of implementing flow diagrams for regular household activities. Ted, 3, says he is not altogether opposed to this course of action, but that sufficient time will be needed to read and digest the information before adopting the new measures.

Business built on people

Trusted partners

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our partners. We work with manufacturers who produce high-quality equipment, supply chains that are flexible and efficient, and skilled installers who do an excellent job. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and build relationships that help our customers become more energy independent.

iJo Power solar panels in the sun.


We’re all about our community. When you order from us, you join a group of people who are investing in solar and battery storage systems to increase their energy independence and reduce their environmental impact. We love to keep our customers updated with the latest technologies and innovations that can help them save more and do more for our planet.

We are delighted to be members of the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology and Solar Energy UK.

Customer Feedback

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They are a very professional company and can not do enough to help you choose the right solution for your solar panel system. So honestly, I can not recommend them highly enough. Very professional. Thank you guys.
9 months ago

Jim, Yorkshire

Electricity bills were getting painful and I’ve seen a massive saving.  My advice on battery storage is to go for it!
9 months ago

Nick, Devon

iJo Power were very good to work with, the flexibility to build/purchase my installation over time was very helpful, Andrew also has a very clear understanding of how to get the best out of the Victron system, the help with programming and understanding the software was excellent.
10 months ago