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Our Energy Storage Systems

Installing a home solar and battery system is a smart investment. Many systems will bring a saving to your back pocket, but how much and how quickly is determined by the decision-making process at the outset of your project.

Soaring energy prices have led to a scramble to source equipment and line up installers. That fear of missing out is leading to a shift in priorities for many, as some suppliers and installers look to capitalise with inflated prices. You may have felt that pull yourself, with immediacy moving ahead of quality, longevity and aftercare on your wish list.

With a system life span of 25+ years, taking a few days or weeks to get it right from the start is time well spent. Add to that the huge variation in system performance, reliability and safety, and we can see that the best return on investment is achieved through a carefully designed system.

At iJo Power, we pride ourselves on value engineering. Our meticulous calculations and system design allow for more cost-effective solutions whilst ensuring your system will meet your individual energy requirements.

Whilst we ensure your system is bespoke to your needs, there are undoubtedly common threads that run through all of our system designs; reliable, efficient equipment, high performance to maximise your savings, and hassle-free operation for the longest possible period of time. After all, the aim is not merely to make your money back, but for your chosen system to keep performing for many years beyond, providing continued savings and environmental benefits.

What’s included?

Depending on your system requirements, the following will most likely be included in your estimate:

  • Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT
  • Victron Energy MultiPlus II or Quattro Inverter
  • Victron Energy cables and fuses
  • Battery Disconnectors and Fuses
  • MC4 Connectors
  • 6mm2 Single-core DC cable
  • Victron Energy Lynx Distributors
  • Victron Energy Cerbo
  • Victron Energy Touch Screen and System Monitor Display
  • DC Switch Disconnector
  • Pylontech batteries and cables
  • Pylontech brackets
  • Solar Panels – based on your roof design
  • Solar Panel Roof Mounting Kit

The Importance of Quality Equipment

Solar technology is evolving. With bold claims accompanying each new release to the market and a tidal wave of demand for supplies, it is crucial to ensure that the numbers really do add up.

At iJo Power, we are unashamedly tech-geeks. We are constantly on the lookout for developments in solar and battery technology, with a healthy dose of realism to interrogate those bold claims. This is good news for you.

Despite many people’s experiences, ordering solar and battery storage should not feel like a lottery of misinformation, or a trial-and-error process to find out what works. It’s too expensive for that.

Fortunately, we’ve taken care of that for you. We acquire and trial equipment from new and existing manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive reliable, cost effective and well supported systems that will perform to the highest standards for years to come.

We recommend only the very best equipment from manufacturers that we trust, including Victron, JA Solar, Q Cells, LG, Canadian Solar, REC and Pylontech. All of our solar panels are guaranteed to maintain at least 80% of their efficiency over 25 years, with many exceeding 90%.

Purchasing a solar and battery storage system is one of the most significant investments that you will make. When you choose iJo Power, peace of mind is not just an added bonus. It’s a given.


The benefits of Pylontech lithium-ion batteries:

Our iJo Power Systems, iJo Power

  • Lighter and more compact than many other brands. Easier to transport and install.
  • A modular ‘stackable’ design. More batteries can be added in the future.
  • Advanced lithium-ion phosphate technology, widely regarded as the safest option for home energy systems.
  • A 95% ‘depth-of-discharge’ (DoD) as stated by Pylontech. At iJo Power, we recommend maintaining a 20% reserve to maximise the life of the battery, as well as back-up in the event of grid power outage.
  • A five-year warranty that can be upgraded to eight years via a free online registration.

Pylontech Battery Specifications

We will recommend one of the following Pylontech batteries for your project, depending on suitability and availability:

Our iJo Power Systems, iJo Power


The benefits of Victron Energy

  • Victron is an innovative and established market-leader, building advanced power electronics since 1975.
  • A complete, all-in-one solution for a simple and neat installation.
  • A broad range of models and features to suit individual energy needs.
  • A five-year warranty and UK-based technical support through iJo Power, an official Victron partner.
  • Wireless monitoring on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.


What will it look like?

The layout of equipment is specific to each installation, and governed by the practicalities of available space. Batteries and inverters can be sited in various locations, including garages, outbuilding, and even under stairs cupboards.

Our iJo Power Systems, iJo Power