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All you need to know

Whether you’re taking the first steps towards energy independence or looking to enhance an existing solar and battery storage system, we’re here to guide you.

Our website is a treasure trove of information—from the basic components of a solar and energy storage system to intricate details about inverter capabilities.

You’ll learn about every stage of the process, from the initial idea to design optimisation, installation, and the best part—a home or commercial energy system tailored to your needs.

As experts in renewable energy, we’ve spent years honing our knowledge through research, application, and testing, not to mention ongoing analysis of our existing systems. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

How Battery Storage Works With Solar


Where and what

The Process

Idea to Installation

When you’re ready to dive into the world of solar battery storage, we’ve got you covered. We’re pros at designing systems that both shrink your energy bills and lessen your environmental footprint.

Contact our solar experts for a friendly, no-strings-attached chat about how much you could save on your electricity costs

Customer Projects

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VRM Victron energy data display.

Solar mounting structures

Andrew Shaw
09 Jan 2023
iJo Power were recommended to me by a friend who was self installing a much larger system. Immediately the patience and expertise of iJo Power…
US3000c Pylontech batteries.

4 bedroom house, Birmingham

Andrew Shaw
09 Jan 2023
What made you decide to adopt energy storage? Increasing energy prices, global warming and a desire to switch to greener energy sources for a sustainable…

Your Questions Answered

Absolutely! If you have an EV or plan to get one, investing in solar and battery storage allows you to charge your vehicle for free when the sun is shining, or charge it at night using your solar battery. We can design your system to handle the increased power demands of an EV, and future upgrades are possible if your energy needs evolve​.

No, you’re free to choose your own installer. We can still design your system and ship all the components directly to you. If your installer is VAT registered, have them purchase your equipment from us to benefit from 0% VAT. If your electrician isn’t experienced with solar and battery installations, we’re happy to collaborate with them to ensure a smooth process.

Once installation and commissioning are successful, we might ask your installer to join our network of skilled and certified installers

After we provide your initial estimate, we’ll set up a Zoom meeting to talk about your quotation, the proposed system, performance, and ROI calculations. We might adjust the design to optimise it. Once your quote is approved, one of our installation teams will arrange a site visit. After finalising installation and equipment costs, payment is made, installation is carried out and we configure your system to ensure full operation. We’ll touch base with you within the first week to make sure you’re happy with the installation and operation of your system​.

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