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Pylontech US3000C, US2000C, US5000 Batteries: A Flexible Solution for Home Energy Storage

Pylontech battery

Having already looked at Solar Batteries previously, we are deep-diving into Pylontech. Well known as a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, including the US3000C, US2000C and US5000 batteries, which are best suited for home energy storage applications, they have just been voted the Global Number 1 Residential Energy Storage System Provider.

Pylontech offers a range of products that cater to different needs and budgets, namely their key products; the US200c, US3000c and US5000 – batteries which we have had a lot of experience installing over the years. These batteries are designed to provide reliable energy storage for solar panels, making them an excellent choice for homes looking to become more energy independent or to have a backup power source during power outages.

Comparing Pylontech batteries

Pylontech vs other brands

When compared to other home energy storage solutions like the Tesla Powerwall, Pylontech batteries may not look as sleek, but they offer greater flexibility and configurability to meet your specific needs. Pylontech batteries are modular, allowing you to start with one or two battery modules and then connect more over time. This makes it easy to add more energy storage capacity later, if needed. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Solar Panel Battery Storage for more information on sizing your system.

Example installations

Price of Pylontech batteries – June 2023

Below is the price of our Pylontech batteries, based on an installation project, which includes consultancy, warranty cover and support.

Need help with your battery storage project?

We are experts in solar and battery storage and provide a full end-to-end service for our domestic and commercial customers all over the UK. We also enjoy excellent support from Pylontech themselves, in the case of any warranty claims. If you would like to talk to one of our experts, call us on 01209 707 392. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] or fill in the following form and we will get back to you. We have good availability on Pylontech batteries, so get in touch today.

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