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Getting the best deal for you

Bigger is better? Sometimes. The capabilities of large solar panel and battery systems are undeniably impressive, but hitting the sweet spot between cost, return on investment and future savings is essential. The best system is not about size.

At iJo Power, we believe in providing value. Value incorporates high levels of performance, reliability, longevity and yes, initial cost. We look at your current and predicted usage, helping you to weigh up the pros and cons of various system designs through our intelligent cost and savings calculators. We engineer solutions to make the very best of the equipment available, ensuring your energy requirements are met, and within budget.

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1-2 Bed House

Installation cost from: £8,400

Monthly saving of: £100

Return on Investment within: 7 Years

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3-4 Bed House

Installation cost from: £11,000

Monthly saving of: £150

Return on Investment within: 6 Years

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5 Bed House

Installation cost from: £14,500

Monthly saving of: £241

Return on Investment within: 5 Years

Save money on your electricity bill iJo Power


Improved Returns on Investment

Record numbers of households are installing solar panels and batteries. It’s not hard to see why:

  • 2021 – average UK electricity price was £0.19 per kWh.
  • 2022 – average UK electricity price was £0.34 per kWh (increase of 80%)
  • 2023 – prices due to rise further from April.

The aim of any solar and battery system is to reduce bills significantly. For those with systems in place, each price rise effectively increases their savings and decreases the time taken to see a Return on Investment.

A typical installation will include a solar PV array combined with battery storage. The real magic is in the detail of solar charge controllers and inverters, and that’s where our expertise pays off in ensuring your requirements are met.

Our mission at iJo Power is to reduce our customers’ energy bills by at least 75%. Our expandable systems make this a reality, even when consumption requirements change. The ability to add extra solar panels or additional batteries at a later date future proofs your system, even allowing for the addition of an electric vehicle.

How to use our cost calculator

Your Questions Answered

Yes, you can. Once you’ve gone through our cost calculator, we’ll send you a tailor-made estimate and system design. From there, you can ask to speak with someone at iJo Power via zoom, phone, or email, where we’ll demonstrate the system and answer any questions you may have.

We don’t currently offer finance for residential systems. However, when we calculate the return on investment in your system quote, we indicate an average interest rate which can help you if you’re looking for finance.

If your system is for a commercial project, please email us to talk about your finance options.

We hear from many of our customers that although they don’t currently own an EV, they’re planning to buy one fairly soon. Therefore, our systems are modular and allow you to increase your capacity in the future. When you go through the steps in our cost calculator, you can add the additional energy amount that an electric vehicle would require to your estimated energy usage and this will provide an estimate based on this additional usage.


Rural property in Cornwall

A large solar PV array (12.2kW) and battery storage (14.4kWh) was installed at a property on Bodmin Moor in 2022. The property consists of outbuildings, annexe and main house. A ground source heat pump provides heating and hot water, and an electric car is planned for the future.

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