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Large commercial system, Surrey

iJo Power commercial solar panels in the sun.

What made you decide to adopt energy storage?

We were seeing where energy prices were going and decided to invest in a solar system. The payback from our electricity supplier seemed pointless and so we decided to store excess energy via a battery system.

As a business with a normal working day we decided we would use most of the energy produced and store the rest for use during periods of low solar output or during a power cut.

Our current setup is:

3x10kVA Victron Multiplus II inverters configured as 3ph

16×3.5kWh Pylontech batteries – 56kWh

93x455w JA solar panels

6xMPPT 450/100A

What benefits have you seen since your installation?

Our energy bill has reduced from £1500 per month to £50-100.

We are also much more aware of energy usage.

What advice would you give to anybody thinking about battery storage?

Go big!

At the new energy prices this is a saving of £4500.00 (October 2022)

How did you find working on your project with iJo Power?

Working with Andrew and Sam on this project was great.

Sam handled updating with shipping times and dates.

Andrew helped us get the system up and running in the form we needed.