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4 bedroom house, Birmingham

US3000c Pylontech batteries.

What made you decide to adopt energy storage?
Increasing energy prices, global warming and a desire to switch to greener energy sources for a sustainable future.

What benefits have you seen since installation?
I have produced at least 90% of the energy I need. (3.9MWh of Electricity since April 2022). This has reduced my monthly electricity and gas bills from £250 / £350 (post increase in April 2022) to £35/£45 per month (gas and electricity). I use electricity for heating as well.

What advice would you give to someone considering battery storage?
Battery storage is a must as it really compliments solar generation. Solar export rates are not good unless you can export at peak times, and so being able to store energy for later use is the optimal utilisation. Sizing the battery to your consumption and solar generation is key and if possible you must get specialist advice to ensure you are getting best returns on your investment.

How did you find working with iJo Power?
My experience with iJo Power has been excellent. I had conceived the project and spoken to multiple solar providers for opinion. Before I spoke to Andrew, I had a rough idea of what I wanted. I already had an AC Inverter and existing solar array but that was not fully meeting my needs. I was able to discuss my exact requirements and understand the options available (DC coupling, storage, wiring, and other practicalities). My new solar array and battery were sized to my requirements and all the equipment was sourced on time. I am very grateful to iJo Power for the advice given on safety, fuse sizing, anti-islanding, equipment, monitoring capability and configuration, which was reading available throughout my solar journey.