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Let’s get started: Inform your decisions

We are expert designers and installers of solar panels and battery storage systems in the Midlands, Home Counties, East Anglia, the South Coast, all the way down through Devon and as far as sunny Cornwall.

Your energy requirements are unique to you, so it makes sense that your solar and battery storage solution must be designed to meet your needs. Making an informed decision requires an understanding of the processes involved, the costs and the potential savings. We support you through every stage of your energy journey, and provide the information below to get you started.

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How does it work?

From sun to sockets and the addition of brilliant batteries. We explain our process, from initial idea to delivery and installation of your planet-saving system.

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How much does it cost?

Input details about your home and energy requirements to receive an estimate of equipment and installation costs within minutes.

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How much can you save?

We design your individual system to maximise the savings from your energy bill. View typical savings as well as live data from our existing customers.

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"My advice? Don't delay! Having iJo Power to install solar and battery storage has been the best investment for our family. Our bills have come down from £450 a month to £50.
Paul Brown
Plymouth, UK

Beat the bills. Protect the planet.

Solar panels and battery storage explained

Renewable technology has taken huge strides forward in recent years. If trawling the internet for information on solar panels and battery storage to tackle your own energy conundrum has left you dazed and confused, take a few minutes to watch our quick guide to solar panels and battery storage. We explain:

  • How batteries reduce your grid usage outside of sunlight hours
  • How to ‘draw and store’ off peak
  • How modular batteries can future proof your energy system

The iJo Power Team

Technical expertise meets outstanding customer service

Beneath the logos, branding, fancy websites and glossy images, businesses are built on people. We recognise the importance of good people, which is why we’ve carefully selected a small, strong team of honest, passionate, conscientious and flexible individuals with specific skill sets. It’s this team that ensures your solar panels and battery storage systems are designed and installed on time and to budget. Meet the team and find out why we regularly exceed our customers’ expectations.

In-roof solar panels and battery storage by iJo Power.

Case studies

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VRM Victron energy data display.

Solar mounting structures

Andrew Shaw
09 Jan 2023
iJo Power were recommended to me by a friend who was self installing a much larger system. Immediately the patience and expertise of iJo Power…
US3000c Pylontech batteries.

4 bedroom house, Birmingham

Andrew Shaw
09 Jan 2023
What made you decide to adopt energy storage? Increasing energy prices, global warming and a desire to switch to greener energy sources for a sustainable…


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Word wall for the iJo Power blog entitled Ultimate Solar Panel Battery Storage Guide UK.

Solar Panel Battery Storage for UK Homes: The Ultimate Guide

Tom Lodge
09 May 2023
In this comprehensive guide, discover how many panels and what size battery storage is needed to meet your energy requirements, as well as the cost of your ideal solar and battery setup. Find answers to all of your burning questions, from the nuts and bolts of solar installations to the intricacies of accreditation, planning laws and the retro-fitting of battery storage.
Pylontech battery

Pylontech US3000C, US2000C, US5000 Batteries: A Flexible Solution for Home Energy Storage

Andrew Shaw
11 Jul 2023
Pylontech offers a range of products that cater to different needs and budgets, namely their key products; the US200c, US3000c and US5000 - batteries which we have had a lot of experience installing over the years.
iJo Power is a B Corp Accredited company.

iJo Power Achieves B-Corp Accreditation

Andrew Shaw
22 Apr 2023
We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded B-Corp accreditation. This prestigious certification recognises our commitment to social and environmental sustainability, transparency, and ethical business practices. According to iJo Power’s Director Sam Taylor, “We are thrilled to have achieved B-Corp accreditation, which reflects our values as a company. We have always been committed […]