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Best Solar Batteries Revealed

iJo Power blog article feature image of a solar battery.

No doubt you’ve read our blog Leading the charge towards energy independence. Ahhh, the battery. The missing piece of the puzzle, until now. So you’ve set your heart on a solar and battery storage system, but the wealth of information and misinformation online is bamboozling at best.

Here we give our views on what makes a good battery and how it ties in with the rest of your system.

A home battery system is a significant investment that you’ll rely on for many years to come – so it’s critical to make sure you choose the right combination of components. The complete setup comprises two main components:

  1. The battery bank that stores and discharges electricity, and
  2. An inverter/charger that manages the system and provides wireless monitoring

Often overlooked by many installers and therefore homeowners during the quotation stage is the inverter performance in relation to battery capability. For example, many inverter ratings, for example 5kW, highlight the power that can be delivered to household loads from the solar PV array. This is not to say that the inverter can deliver the same power from the batteries, which leaves many homeowners disappointed after installation.

At iJo Power, we pride ourselves on our upfront and open appraisal of different systems. We will always highlight an inverter’s capability, but perhaps most importantly, we choose to work with brands that provide the highest performance. We often, but not always opt for a DC coupled system which ensures maximum delivery from your batteries.

So, which is best? As a starting point, lithium-ion batteries (of which there are many types) are far and away our recommended option. Compared to traditional lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries are smaller, lighter, faster to charge and discharge, and allow you to utilise a lot more of their usable capacity.

It’s also helpful to understand that when it comes to batteries, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, the one that gives you the best performance, lifespan and overall value is the one that’s designed and optimised for your specific energy needs and living habits.

That’s why at iJo Power, we recommend Pylontech lithium-ion batteries combined with Victron inverter/chargers. Having worked with these two brands for many years, we know exactly how to create a system that gives you the best-possible efficiency and longevity.

The benefits of Pylontech lithium-ion batteries:

  • Lighter and more compact than many other brands, making them easier to transport and install.
  • A modular ‘stackable’ design that allows you to add more batteries in the future.
  • Advanced lithium-ion phosphate technology, which is generally regarded as the safest option for home energy systems.
  • A 95% ‘depth-of-discharge’ (DoD), meaning you can use almost all of your battery’s capacity without reducing its lifespan.

The benefits of Victron inverter/chargers:.

  • A broad range of models and features to suit your specific energy needs.
  • Modular Smart Solar Chargers allow for multiple arrays and orientations of panels.
  • UK-based technical support through iJo Power, an official Victron partner.
  • Wireless monitoring on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Victron is an innovative Dutch brand that has built advanced power electronics since 1975.

As you can see, there is a lot more to a battery system than meets the eye. Here at iJo Power, we take great pride in designing efficient and reliable home battery systems using the world’s most advanced solar brands.

To find out more, feel free to get in touch with us or use our online system configurator for a system design and quote.